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Timelines and Primary Sources

Timelines and Primary Sources

Detailed accounts of each year from 1529 to 1535, linked to primary sources

Feb: Fish's Supplication of the Beggars (anticlerical tract) (Ack 277)
c. March: summary, reasons for the divorce (LP 4:5377)
May 31: Legatine Court opens in Blackfriars (Gn525, Ack 266)
June: M's Dialogue of Sir TM, published under royal favor (Ack 273-77)
June 15: report on English court & Anne Boleyn (LP 4:5679)
June 21: Catherine's appeal to Henry; demand for other judges (Gn526; CSPV 4:482; Cavendish 79, Ack 266-67
June 28: Fisher powerfully supports validity of royal marriage (LP 4:5732, 5741; Gn 526, HAK 97)
July-Aug : TM & Tunstall negotiate Peace of Cambrai (ends war from 1522) (Corr 408-28, 495 Ack 268-69, R 36, LP 4:5775)
July 23: Campeggio adjourns court to consult Roman Curia--now on vacation (Gn 504); Clement had already advoked the case to Rome (Gn 525)
July 28: Gardiner becomes royal secretary (Gn 591)
Aug 2: Cranmer suggests use of universities, not papal courts, to resolve marriage question (HAK 175)
Sept: Chapuys, new Imperial ambassador, has first meeting with Henry VIII (CSPS 4.1:160182, pp.276-77; 194, pp.292, 303); Gn 586, 595) More's Supplication of Souls (Ack 278-79); fire at Chelsea (SL 170-71)
Oct: Turks draw back from siege of Vienna
Oct 9: Wolsey charged with Praemunire (LP 4:60176035); Wolsey acknowledges guilt (cf: 6025); Oct 9 Bill of Indictment replaced by 2nd on Oct 20 (Gn 504; Ack 280); Anne’s responsibility (CSPS 4.1:160, p.232; Cavendish xxvi; LP 4:6019)
Oct 18: Wolsey gives up seal [& weeps] (CSPS 4.1:194, pp. 303-4 & 279LP 4:60986114; Gn 610-12)
Oct 25: More appointed chancellor (Hall 761EE 1034: "a better & holier judge could not have been appointed"), recommended by Wolsey
Oct 26: Henry asks TM second time [1st: Sept 1527] about the divorce (G 99, R 34, Ack 281-82, Corr 495); TM takes oath of office
Oct: Pole is offered archbishopric but is also asked about the divorce
Nov 3 - Dec 17: Parliament convened, First Legislative Session (of seven) -More calls for reformation of laws & delivers charges against Wolsey (Hall 724;CSPS 4.1: 211LP 4.6043; G 113ff; Gn 594); -“Commons’ Supplication” about clerical grievances (Hall 765-67CSPS 4.1:211, p. 325; Merr 104-11; RH 69-70)

King’s General Pardon (21 H8 c1; Lm 91): offenses against Provisors and Praemunire excluded

Probate & Mortuary Fees (21 H8 c5-6; Lm 92), regarding excessive charges by clergy

Pluralism & Temporal Employment of Clerics (21 H8 c13Hall 767; Lm 92)

Pardon of King’s Debts (21 H8 c24; Lm 89-91), more than £350,000 in forced loans for the war with France forgiven

Nov 28: Henry's partial defense of Luther to Chapuys; Henry will reform by Parliament (CSPS 4.1: 224, pp.349-50; G 110, Sc 246) 
Dec 13: Henry shows signs of restoring Wolsey: (CSPS 4.1:232, p.368); cf Nov 18 on 1530 timeline
Dec 17: prorogued until 26 April, 2nd Tuesday after Easter (Lm 104)
No clear plan to deal with divorce (Lm 102-4)

Early 1530: Cromwell enters royal service (G 130; Elton 83-84); letters from Wolsey to Cromwell (LP 4:6203-4)
-Opening of Parliament delayed several times; finally delayed till Jan 1531 (CSPS 4.1:396, [(LP 4.6356CSPS 4.1:422425555Hall 768-9; Lm 104-5)
-Cranmer suggests royal supremacy to Henry to get divorce (G 129)
-Royal agents visit English, French, Italian, & German universities and private scholars to get support for divorce (Sc 255)
Feb. 10: Wolsey gets general pardon and archbishopric of York (LP 4:6220; Gn 612)
Feb. 23: Thomas Hitton burned at Maidstone (G 164: CW 8: 1207n3)
March: Charles (Catherine's nephew) crowned emperor by Pope; Henry called to Rome by Pope to answer Catherine's appeal (LP 4:6256; Lm 105); pro-Henry opinions obtained from Oxford, with pressure (CSPS 4.1:270; Gn 620); Cromwell and Henry send Vaughan to get Tyndale [and Frith] to come to their side (Merr 100); French envoy reports that Henry will decide divorce question in England, without pope (LP 4:6307; Lm 105)
Mar 29?: Catherine and Wolsey ask Pope to request that Anne be sent from court to avoid international scandal (G 126)
April 11 (Easter Monday): Norfolk asks Chapuys if Spain will declare war if divorce question is decided in England, not Rome (CSPS 4.1:290, p.511; Lm 105; G 118)
June 12: Henry summons potential supporters (excluding More, & prelates favoring Catherine); threat of General Council; 83 eventually sign but only 4 bishops including Wolsey & Warham (CSPS 4.1:354; Sc 259,292; Lm 106; G 127)
June 22: authority given to TM and others to prorogue Parliament (LP 4.6469)
July 11: Praemunire charges against 14 leading churchmen (Gn 623)
Aug 2: Chapuys writes on the divorce, reasons for Praemunire charges, university opinions (CSPS 4.1:396)
Aug. 11-16: meeting of leading councilors (Gn 625)
Sept: Henry closely studies Edmond Foxe's and Thomas Cranmer's Collectanea satis copiosa, a theological defense of English king's imperial status and spiritual supremacy -- i.e., his theocratic power (F&G 157-161, Ack 307)
Sept 20: Henry tells papal nuncio of English rights (CSPS 4.1:433, p.723; 425429; Sc262; later: CSPS 4.1:460492, p.797522, p.832-3; G 143; Lm 107; Gn 622)
Sept 19: Henry uses Royal prerogative to forbid exercise of foreign authority in England (G 139)
Sept 20: Chapuys reports that "the Chancellor, I hear, has spoken so much in the Queen's favor that he has had a narrow escape of being dismissed" (CSPS4.1:433, p.727; G 139).
Sept, Michaelmas: Praemunire charges against 15 leading clerics, but trial postponed, then cancelled (Sc 273-4; Lm 107-8)
Sept, late: Henry argues that his imperial power allows him to prevent appeals from his realm elsewhere (legislation completed in 1533) (Sc 267-8; CSPS 4.1:445LP 4:6667); Pope Clement VII responds blaming English delay (Lm 107)
Oct:  Cromwell admitted to King's Council (G 136, Ack 309)
Oct 7: Henry questions Rome's jurisdiction (Sc 261, LP 4:6667)
Oct, 2nd week: Henry asks his clergy and lawyers about power of Parliament; he angrily prorogues Parliament after getting an answer unfavorable to his plans (CSPS 4.1:460, p.758; G 139 & 156; Sc 261, 292; Gn 625); Henry tells Papal Nuncio that the Pope "possessed no greater authority than that held by Moses" and that he is guilty of "usurpation and tyranny"(CSPS 4.1:460, p.759).
Oct 15: “Chancellor [More] is still in danger of being dismissed,” Chapuys reports (CSPS 4.1:460, p.762)
Oct, 3rd week: Council decides to threaten whole clergy with Praemunire (G 136; Sc 274; Lm 108; Merr 334; Sc2 27-28; LP 4.6699)
Nov 4: Wolsey is arrested, arguably to be tried for treason; dies Nov 29 (Lm 109)
Nov 5: King on negotiations with Rome (CSPS 4.1: 486-8)
Nov 18?: Henry gives some signs of restoring Wolsey to power (G 125); (CSPS 4.1:509, p.819; Lm 108-109); King on Wolsey: (LP 4.6720CSPV 4:638)
Nov 24: St German's second dialogue is added to Doctor and Student, arguing that common law has precedence over canon law (G 2, 19; Ack 310)
_____: Tyndale's Practice of Prelates denounces Henry's divorce
Nov, late: John More dies; TM holds him in his arms and weeps  (M 13, Ack 303)
Nov: Wolsey plans to call northern Convocation; arrested for treason
Nov 29: Wolsey dies
Dec: King’s Council charges whole English clergy with Praemunire (Merr 93; Hall 774; Sc 275; Sc2 25; Consilia 725)

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Jan 12: Clerics convene at St. Paul’s, gravely concerned with Praemunire charges (Lm 109; Kelly 63 215-31; Consilia 724-5)
Jan 13: Norfolk lectures Chapuys on Henry's imperial status (CSPS 4.2:598LP 5:45; Sc 272)
Jan 16-Mar 31: Second Legislative Session (Hall 774; Lm 105ff; Sc2 25ff)
Jan 19: Clerics move to Westminster Chapter House; Chapuys & Papal Nuncio try to attend (CSPS 4.615; Lm 110)
Jan: Vaughan pursues negotiations with Tyndale and works on sending T’s Answer to More to Henry
Feb 7-11: King presents 5 articles to Convocation (Lm 113-116); (LP 5:65); Sc4 153-58, Sc2 33-35; Kelly2 215-28); H insists on supremacy (LP 5:1022 [misdated 1532—Lm 114]); intense negotiations; Convocation agrees to pay fine but recognizes Henry as Supreme Head of the Church “as far as Christ's law allows” (Sc2 3; RH 79-80; Lm 115; CSPS 4.2:635; [LP 5:105]; Moyes 398-9; G 150), leaving Church courts intact (Sc 275-281); Chapuys reports that TM “is anxious above all things to resign his office” (CSPS 4.2:641; [LP 5:112])
Feb 11, Saturday: signed with protests (Lm115, Sc4 176-87 & Appendix 3; Sc 276-77; Kelly2 222
Feb 23: clergy agree to pay £20,000 on feast of Annuciation 1532 (Lm 115)
March 1: Chapuys reports to Charles V that the Chancellor "has always behaved in the most virtuous manner about the Queen, and certainly shows such sympathy and affection for all that concerns you that he is justly called the father and protector of your Majesty's subjects" (CSPS 4.2:646; LP 5:120)
March 8: final agreement, with royal concessions (Lm 116; Consilia 742-4; Sc 275; Sc2 33-35; Kelly 2 226)
March 22: Chapuys reports that Henry releases man of heresy who denied papal primacy (LP 5:148; CSPS 4.2:664)

March, late: Pardon of the Clergy Act (22 H8 c15)

March 30: More presents both Houses of Parliament with report of the universities' approval of divorce: "therefore you may surely say that he hath married his brother's wife" (LP 5:171Hall 775; see Lm 128-29; G157; Ack 312)
March: More refuses Charles' V's letter of appreciation (LP 5:171, p.85; G 159-160: LP 5.148, p.70; Ack 311-12)
Spring: Gravissimae censurae publishedcoordinated by Bishop Fox (Surtz/Murphy iv; G 156)
March 31, Friday: Parliament prorogued until 16 October, not May as expected (Lm 130)
April 1, Sat.: Southern Convocation prorogued after clergy gives its formal consent to Pardon (Lm 130; Consilia 746)
April 9 = Easter
April: Henry complains about Anne (LP 5:216 287, p. 138CSPS 4.2:739)
April:  More complained to one of Chapuy's secretaries "in a very piteous tone, of the blindness of those princes who refuses to assist your Majesty [Charles] against so cruel and implacable an enemy" (CSPS 4.2:683) as the Turks (LP 5:187; Ack 314)
April 17: Vaughan meets Tyndale, encourages him to return to England under King's protection (LP 5:201CW 8: 1232)
April 18 - King furious with Tyndale's Answer; Cromwell tells Vaughan to not give up and instructs him to urge Frith to return under King's protection (LP 5:248)
April 29: More has been hosting Zwinglian scholar Simon Grynaeus (CSPS 4.2:739; [LP 5:287]; M 391-2)
May: Tunstall writes long letter opposing “Supreme Head” (Sturge 179; Consilia 745 is earlier formal protest)
May: Henry sends Tunstall a letter explaining his caesaropapist powers (Consilia 762-5; G 162-3; Sc 276-280)
May 22: Chapuys: on May 18 clergy of York, Durham, Canterbury sent protests to the King (LP 5:251App 4)
June: Catherine visited at night by Norfolk, Suffolk, & many others (CSPS 4.2:739; [LP 5:287])
Second edition of More's Dialogue Concerning Heresies (CW 8 1236)
Henry denies Pope's jurisdiction over him (CSPS 4.2:739 [LP 5:287]; Sc 290)
Tyndale's Answer to More's Dialogue
Frith's Disputation of Purgatory (CW 7: cxxviii; LP 5 appendix, no. 18)
June 11: Cranmer reviews Pole's treatise against H8’s divorce (LP 5 appendix, no. 10)
July: Catherine sent from Court; Anne regularly there (LP 5:340361375; Lm 131)
Aug 19: Bilney burned at Norwich for heresy under More’s sentence (CW 8: 1247, 23ff, 1471; Ack 295)
Nov 7: Cranmer's Determinations of the . . . Universities  English (a version of Gravissimae censurae) published (Surtz/Murphy iv, xxxvii (n.13); G2 23)
Nov 10: Queen Catherine’s popularity reported (CSPV 4:694; Gn 619; Hall 754)
Nov: Vaughan sends Cromwell & More copies of Barnes' & Tyndale's books (CW 8: 1350)
Cromwell by year's end is "principal manager of parliamentary affairs" (Lm 132; CSPV 4:694LP 5:723)
Dec: Barnes arrives under King's protection (CW 8: 1245 and 9/36)
Dec 4: Richard Bayfield burned at Smithfield in London (W 17CW 8: 1247)
Dec 20: John Tewkesbury burned at Smithfield in London under More's sentence (CW 8: 1247, LP 5:589); ("There was never wretch, I wene, better worthy" to be burned (CW 8: 21/34-5).
___: St German's New Additions published as appendix to Doctor and Student (G2 19)
St German's reform draft completed (G2 111, 113-4; G 151)

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(For sources, see bottom of this document.)

Jan 10: Thomas Benet/Dusgate executed at Exeter (Guy 164; Ack 298)
Jan 15-Mar 28; Apr 10-May 14: Third Legislative Session
Fisher and Durham not called; Fisher comes anyway, but gets sick and must return home. Tunstall doesn't attend. Pole leaves London in Jan, having refused See of York after discussing the divorce with Henry (LP 5:737).  Cromwell now in charge of Henry's policy and continues actively recruiting government propagandists; his espionage system is introduced (Merr 99).
Feb, early: Norfolk asks Warham to grant divorce unilaterally (CSPS 4.2:899 [LP 5:805])
Feb 14: Warham holds secret discussion with Upper House of Convocation (Kelly2 244); Chapuys first becomes aware of Commons' Supplication Against the Ordinaries (LP 5:805)
Feb 24: Warham publishes formal opposition to all Parliament enactments against the Church (Consilia 746 [English translation] [LP 5:818];CSPS 4.2:907 [LP 5:832]; Kelly 102)
Spring: Confutations I-III published (CW 8: 1419)
March 11: Warham presses Latimer (Henry's favorite) on heresy charges (LP 5:860; Kelly 103)
March 15: Open clash in Parliament over divorce tactics between Henry and Warham (CSPV 4:754; Kelly 103)
March 18: Commons' Supplication Against the Ordinaries presented to King; he shows little interest and simply asks Warham to respond (Hall 784-85; Lm 138-145; Sc 297-98)

March 19: House of Lords narrowly passes Conditional Restraint of Annates Act [Gee_178-86] (23 H8 c.20) only after several visits from Henry. Bishops unanimously opposed (CSPS 4.2:922 [LP 5:879]; Lm135-137; Guy 185-6; Ack 316)

March 26: Henry pressures Commons to pass same Act by "first recorded division of the House" (CSPS 4.2:926 [LP 5:898]; Lm 137-138; Sc 301; Ack 316).
March 28-April 10: Parliament adjourns for Easter (Hall 786). Henry's attitude seems to have changed by events begun in this time by Peto & Gardiner (Guy 192-195; Ack 317-18)
Mar 31, Easter: Friar Wm Peto publicly condemns H in H's presence CSPS 4.2:934 [LP 5:941]; CSPS 4.2:948; Guy 192, 199)
Apr 7: Royal chaplain heckled while refuting Peto (CSPS 4.2:934 [LP 5:941])
Apr 10, 12: Parliament & Convocation reassembled; TM tells Throckmorton that his opposition to the Submission of the Clergy "shall deserve great reward of God and thanks for the king's grace at length and much worship to yourself" (Guy 161,198-9 & Appendix 2 [SP 1/125, fo. 250]; Ack 319)
Apr 16: 2 MPs bring up divorce & national security in Parliament and Henry protests (LP 5:989Hall 788-89)
Apr 27: Henry receives Convocation's Answer of the Ordinaries in response to Commons' Supplication Against the Ordinaries (Consilia 750-752; Kelly 111-12; Lm147; Sc 298; Ack 319)
April 30: King, unexpectedly enraged, finds bishops' Answer "very slender"; he also rebukes Parliament for speaking of divorce (Hall 788; Lm 148)
April 30: James Bainham burned in London (husband of Simon Fish's widow) (W 17; Ack 298-99; CW 8 1251, 1645)
May: Warham is absent from Convocation (Lm 149)
May 10: Henry sends articles of Submission to Convocation (Kelly 112-3; Consilia 749 [English translation]). Warham adjourns Convoc. for three days; delegation sent to Fisher (Lm 149-50)
May 11: Henry says the clergy are "but half our subjects, yea, and scarce our subjects" (Hall 788; Sc 299; Ack 319); Audley confronts Parliament with king's will (Lm 151)
May 13: More opposes Henry openly in Parliament, probably over Cromwell bill for Submission (CSPS 4.2:951 [LP 5:1013]; Guy 199-200; Ack 319; Guy 2008 213-14) and also over H's proposal to relax heresy laws (CSPS 4.2:951); Gardiner switches to TM's camp (LP 5:10131019; Consilia 752; G146,194)
May 14: Parliament abruptly prorogued, preventing aid to Convocation (Hall 789; Lm 157-58)
May 15: Henry prorogues Convocation, demanding an immediate answer; Norfolk, Oxford, Sandys, and Boleyns appear to ensure compliance (Kelly 115; Lm 151-52; Marshall 197-98); a “legally suspect” (Kelly 116, 119; Marshall 198) a "rump Convocation" approves the “almost worthless” (Sc2021, 210) Submission of the Clergy (Consilia 749 [English translation]; Kelly 117; Moyes 395ff
May 16: More resigns as Lord Chancellor (Hall 789), telling Henry that he is "not equal to the work" (LP 5:1046; Ack 305, 320); at home, More light-heartedly breaks the news of his resignation (R 52-3)
May 20: Thomas Audley knighted and becomes Lord Keeper of the Seal, replacing More (LP 5:1075; Lm 161). More publicly praised (source??)
May 22, Chapuys in letter to Charles V reports that “The Chancellor has resigned... Every one is concerned, for there never was a better man in the office.” (LP 5:1046)
Summer: TM has epitaph for his tomb engraved and installed, sending the text to Erasmus to publish(EW 370-73)
Warham threatened with Premunire for the "defiance" of May 15 (Sc 2021, 211) & prepares Thomas-Beckett-style defense (SP 170, fol. 245-58 — edited by Scarisbrick, 2021)
Anglo-French alliance renewed; Cranmer marries Margarete in Nuremburg (MacCul 69, 72)
July: Frith returns to England to spur on Protestant movement (M 428)
July: English hoot and hiss at Anne Boleyn (CSPS 4.2:980)
August 23: Warham dies (LP 5:1247n1; Ack 323; Sc 309n, 329)
Sept: Anne Boleyn made marquis of Pembroke (LP 5:1370)
Sept '32 - Feb '33: Cromwell works on bill to end appeals to Rome (SP 2/N, fols. 78-90; Lm 163-4,)
October: Frith is arrested (LP 5: 1458; Ack 324; M 428) and Cromwell visits him; (LP 5: 1467)
Nov: Cranmer ordered home from Austria (SP 7:390-1; Lm 162; MacCul 75-7) Anne Boleyn accompanies Henry VIII to visit King Francis I (Hall 793-94)
Dec: Anne Boleyn pregnant (MacCul 637-38); More's "Letter to Frith" published (CW 7, clxviii)
End of 1532: St. German’s Division (CW 7: xxxiii; Ack 325)

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Jan: Cromwell attends to elections in Commons & to those attending House of Lords (LP 6:137119123112; Lm 169-170)
Jan 25: Henry and Anne secretly married (LP 6:661; Lm 163)
Jan 26: Audley becomes Lord Chancellor (LP 6:73)
Feb 4-Apr 7: Fourth Legislative Session (LP 6:119)
Feb 5: Cromwell shows to legal experts his bill ending appeals (LP 6:150142; Lm 167-8)
Mar 14: Restraint of Appeals Bill presented to Commons (LP 6:235296 [CSPS 4.2,1057-1058]; Lm 174; Ack 330)
Mar 17: Convocation asked to approve Cranmer's consecration (Christ Church, Oxford, MS. 306, 53-8; Lm 176)
Mar 26: Convocation asked about H's divorce (Consilia 756; LP 6:296; Lm 176)
Mar 29: vote in Convocation taken (LP 6:296; Lm 177)
Mar 30: Cranmer consecrated Archbishop of Canterbury & protests that his oath to the Pope does not bind him to violate God’s laws or loyalty to the King (LP 6:291; Lm 162; McCul 88-9)
Apr 1: Cranmer presides over Convocation (Consilia 756; Lm 177)
Apr: More's Apology printed around Easter (CW 10: 242; CW 7: cxxxix; CW 9: lxvii ff)
Apr 5: Southern Convocation: marriage to Catherine invalid (Consilia 757-759; LP 6:311, 5; Sc 311; Lm 178; Ack 331) Souper of the Lord published (CW 9: xxxiii; CW 11: 300)
Apr 6: Fisher arrested and held in custody until after Anne’s Coronation (CSPV 4.870)

Apr 7: Restraint of Appeals Act [Gee 187-95] (24 H8 c. 12) becomes law, asserting Henry's imperial power (LP 6:324; "the most important piece of legislation to be enacted by the Reformation Parliament” – Lm 175)

Apr 12: Henry authorizes Cranmer to judge the validity of Henry's marriage to Catherine (LP 6:332; Lm 179); Anne Boleyn proclaimed Queen of England (LP 6.351; Ack 331)
Spring: More's Confutation of Tyndale’s Answer 4-8 published (CW 8: 1396, 1419)
May 10-23: Cranmer conducts trial; Catherine refuses to attend (LP 6:461; Lm 179)
May 13: Lee leads debate of Convocation of York on approval of divorce; Tunstall strongly opposes and registers a protest that years later is excised from the records (Sc3 300-302)
May 23: Cranmer annuls Henry's marriage (LP 6:525-526529); TM to Roper: "God give grace, son, that these matters within a while be not confirmed with oaths" (R 57)
May 28: Cranmer declares H's marriage to Anne lawful (Lm 179; Ack 332)
June 1: Anne crowned queen (LP 6:583584585601); TM refuses to attend (R 58-59) (Ack 332-33)
June: More urges Erasmus to publish his epitaph; is still in good standing with King (SL 181ff)
June 14: Convocation of York officially approves of divorce (Consilia 765-8)Chapuys reports on June 16 that Tunstall “opposed manfully” (LP 6.653)
July: Conditional Restaint of Annates Act of 1532 put into effect (LP 6:793; Sc 317)
July: TM visits Elizabeth Barton, the “Nun of Kent” (Corr 484; SL 197; Ack 334-36)
July 11: Clement condemns Henry's divorce (LP 6:807808Appendix, 3 [p.682])
July 22: John Frith burned at Smithfield in London (CW 8 1244, 1467-68; W 22Hall 816)
July:   Elizabeth Barton arrested (LP 6:869)
Sept 7: Anne Boleyn gives birth to Elizabeth (LP 6:1089)
Sept: St German's Salem and Bizance appears in print (CW 10: 5/35-6, 242; Ack 338)
Sept-Oct: Fisher urges Emperor to invade England (LP 6:11641249; Ack 331)
Oct: Barnes in England for negotiations with Germany (LP 6:1222CW 8: 1396)
Oct 29: Throckmorton writes Cromwell that he will “live at home…and meddle little” (LP 6:1365)
Nov: More's Debellation of Salem and Bizance published (CW 10:xcv)
Dec: More's Answer to a Poisoned Book published in response to The Souper of the Lord (SL 190; CW 11: 295; CW 7: cxl; Ack 339-40)
Royal Council attacks pope in proclamation, justifying H's divorce (LP 6:1571); Tunstall objects and Henry VIII responds (Struge 195, 365-66; Sc3 305-8; (LP 5:820 [misdated-see Sturge])

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Jan: Cromwell interrogates More's publisher, William Rastell (SL 189-91)
Jan 15 - Mar 30: Fifth Legislative Session
-Fisher, Lee, Tunstall, Darcy, et al. told not to attend (CSPS 5.1:8; Lm 183)
Feb 1: More writes Cromwell defending his loyalty: he wrote no books against the King (SL 189-92)
Feb 21: Bill of Attainder introduced against Nun of Kent and others (Hall 813-14), including More (Lm 194-5)
Feb 26: Lords ask to hear TM’s appeal (LJ 1:72; R 64; Ack 342; Lm 194-5)
Feb-Mar 5: TM writes Cromwell twice, giving facts of Nun of Kent (LP 7:265SL 192, 193-201; Ack 344)
Mar 5: More writes King Henry and to Cromwell denying guilt (SL 202-5; Ack 342-43)
Mar 6: H. of Lords asks to hear TM's case (LJ 1:72)
-Henry has TM interrogated by Cromwell, Cranmer, Norfolk & Audley (CSPS 5.1:22 [LP 7:296]; R 64-65 Lm 195; "these terrors be arguments for children, and not for me" R 67; Ack 344-45)
-H reluctantly deletes M's name from attainder bill against Elizabeth Barton (R 71; Lm 195)
-TM's salary as royal councilor is stopped around this time (CSPS 5.1:22; [LP 7:296]; Ack 346)

Act of Attainder of Elizabeth Barton and Others (25 H8 c12Hall 806-14)

Submission of the Clergy to the King's Majesty Act (25 H8 c19 [Gee 195-200], LJ 1:80-81) formalizes 1532 submission by Convocation.

Absolute Restraint of Annates and Ecclesiastical Appointments Act [Gee 201-9] (25 H8 c20), confirms 1532 Conditional Restraint of Annates Act whereby annates are not sent to Rome; abbots and bishops are appointed by Henry VIII] (Lm 191)

Act Forbidding Papal Dispensations and the Payment of Peter's Pence [Gee 209-32] (25 H8 c21)

First Act of Succession (25 H8 c22 [Gee 232-43]; LJ 1:69-73), with penalty of high treason for writing or acting against Succession; misprision of treason for refusing an oath conserving it or for malicious words, effective 1 May 1534

Act for the Lady Dowager (25 H8 c28), reducing Catherine from queen to princess dowager (Lm 196-8)

March, last week: TM bequeathed land to Ropers (R 79; Ack 350)
Mar 31: Convocation of Canterbury rejects papal supremacy (Consilia 769 [Gee 251])
April, 1st week: TM makes pilgrimage to Our Lady of Willesden; working on Treatise on the Passion (SL 185-88; Ack 350)
Apr 4: Pope's decision of March 23 about H's marriage reaches England (Consilia 769; Lm 199-200)
Apr 12: TM summoned to Lambeth Palace on Apr 13, after Low Sunday Mass at St. Paul’s (R 72; Ack 350)
Apr 13: TM: “the field is won”; TM is asked to sign the oath at Lambeth Palace (R 72-73)
Apr 17: More imprisoned for refusing oath (Hall 814-15; LP 7:490499; CSPS 5.1:44); recounts events of Apr 13 to
Margaret (SL 216ff)
Apr 20: Nun of Kent and five priest-supporters are hung, drawn, quartered (Hall 814; R 81; Ack 358-59)
May 1: Tunstall arrives in London,summoned by the King; royal agents search Tunstall’s residences for evidence;
Tunstall signs oath by May 19 (Sc3 309-14); TM to Tunstall’s servant: "he may do more good than to die with us" (Sturge 197-8, 372)
May ?: More responds to Margaret's letter trying to persuade him to take oath (SL 224ff); Margaret visits More (SL 226)
May 5: Convocation of York takes oath to Succession Act (LP 7:769)
May 16: Chapuys meets with Privy Council, including Tunstall and Fox (CSPS 5.1:58)
May 21: Tunstall, Lee, and Fox sent to convince Catherine to accept the divorce (Sc3 315; CSPS 5.1:58, p. 165)
June 2: Convocation of York rejects papal supremacy (Consilia 782 [Gee 251-2])
Summer: Barnes in London for embassy (LP 7:8718731064CW 8 1396)
Aug: Observant friars dissolved for their opposition (LP 7:59010571095; Lm 200; Ack 368)
Aug-Sept: More and Margaret write Dialogue on Conscience (Corr 514ff)
Alice and Margaret visit (SL 234); at least two letters are exchanged (SL 234, 239)
Sept: Clement VII dies (LP 7:1257; Lm 200)
Oct: Thomas Cranmer becomes Master of the Rolls (LP 7:1238; Ack 368)
Nov 3-Dec 18: Sixth Legislative Session

Supremacy Act (26 H8 c1 [Gee 243-44]), defines Henry's caesaropapism and requires an oath of obedience (Lm 202; LP 7:143715941602)

Second Act of Succession [Gee 244-47] (26 H8 c2), specifies wording of the oath since the oath of 1533 was "not agreeable with the statute" R78; Lm203)

Treasons Act [Gee 247-51] (26 H8 c13) passed with difficulty (H 228-29; Lm 203-206; Ack 369; HR 101-2)

Act of Attainder of John Fisher and Others (26 H8 c22), convicting them of misprision of treason for refusing the oath of succession

Act of Attainder of Sir Thomas More (26 H8 c23), convicting him of misprision of treason for refusing the oath of succession

Nov: Barnes revises Supplication as part of H's propaganda (CW 8 1388, 1397)
Christmas: Dame Alice writes to Henry 8 (LP 7:1591; Corr 548; Ack 369-70)Other: A Dialogue of Comfort begun some time while in the Tower

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Jan: Cromwell made Viceregent in spiritual affairs, to visit all ecclesiastical foundations and make a detailed list of property (LP 8:7375 and Gee 256-7)
Apr 28-29: Trial of three Charterhouse and one Bridgettine priors (LP 8:560565568609SL 244; Trial 14,141)
April 30: TM interrogated by Cromwell (H 270; Corr 550-4 or SL 245ff or LP 8:659Trial 7n, 142, 178) and TM then writes epigram (R 81-2; H180); Fisher interrogated privately by Rich (Trial 15-16; H 232-4)
May 2 or 3: More writes letter to Margaret (LP 8:659)
May 4: Margaret visits her father while 4 priors are led to execution below their Tower window to be hung, drawn, and quartered in their habits at Tyburn (LP8:661666786CSPS 5.1:156169; R 80-81; H 229-30; Trial 142)
May 20: Fisher created a cardinal (LP 8:763777779786791; RH 110-112; Ryn 337); Henry enraged (LP 8.876)
May 25: Another 3 Carthusians interrogated and imprisoned (LP 8:786; CSPS 5.1:166169; H 361)
June 3: TM & Fisher interrogated by members of the Council: Archbishop Cranmer, Lord Chancellor Audley, Duke of Suffolk Brandon, Lord Privy Seal Boleyn, and Secretary Cromwell; Cromwell threatens that the King could compel TM to answer (Corr 555-59 or SL 249ff; LP 8:814815)
June 7-11: servants of Fisher and More and Lieutenant of the Tower interrogated (LP 8:856Trial 150-7)
June 9: Tunstall expresses full support of King’s Supremacy (LP 8.854; July 7: LP 8.1005)
June 11: Trial of 3 Carthusian monks after imprisonment (while chained standing) in Marshalsea Prison for 17 days (H 361-2; Trial 5)
June 12: More's writing materials removed by Richard Rich; they discuss King's power (R 84-86; Trial 157-9); TM has shutters of his cell closed (Stapleton 140; Ack 380)
June 14: Fisher's and TM’s formal interrogations are recorded by a notary before Council members and witnesses (LP 8: 867CSPS 5.1:174; Trial 163-65)
June 17: Fisher’s trial (LP 8:886Trial 165-6)
ca. June 18: Cromwell’s “Remembrances” (LP 8:892Trial 167-8)
June 19: Carthusians monks drawn, hung, quartered at Tyburn (LP 8:895Hall 817Trial 5; Ack 331)
June 22: Fisher is beheaded (Hall 817; LP 8:921932948; Ack, 380-81)
June 25: Henry VIII’s order to publicize guilt of More (LP 8:921Trial 169-71)
July 1: More's trial (LP 8:974996CSPS 5.1:180; R 86-96, H 155-163; Trial 173-209)
July 6: More is beheaded (LP 8: 996; R 103; Ack 392)
Other: De Tristitia Christi, final prayers and instructions